001 Born into the wrong life

Hey Guys! I wanted to take a quick moment for a thank you to anyone who reads this. I know how valuable time is, so I really appreciate you spending your time with me! If you like what you read, leave me a comment! Or if you think I suck and should go die, let me know that too!



The alarm sounded once again. Ugh, this must be the third time now. Oh wait, maybe this is the seventh time? I’m not really sure anymore to be honest. The sound of the alarm always melds into my dreams anyways.

     I lift my head up and rub the crust out of my eyes. I reach over for my glasses that lay on the lonely side of the bed. After putting them on and slapping my face for a wake up jolt, I look over at the clock next to me to read that the time was currently 10 AM. I work at 9 AM today.

Me: “Oh man, the manager is going to be pissed at me again. Well, she knows that I’m the best driver around, so I’m sure everything will be just fine.”

     I blurt that out to myself with a laugh, as if somebody was next to me. Obviously there wasn’t, and had not been for a few years now, so this was my typical reminder of how cruel the world was. All it ever did was take from me and mock me as I fell. It even went as far as to take her away.

I leisurely grab my phone, and snung back down under my warm covers. Sure, I was already late for work, but I have to log into the mobile game I was currently obsessed with. I mean, after investing so much of my personal money to the point where I could barely afford to pay the bills required to live, I have an obligation to check in and grab my daily loot, right? Also, I have to check in with the guild to see how my friends from around the globe were doing. I love those guys!

After 15 minutes or so passed, my phone began to ring. 

Me: “Oh! Good morning dear!”

Manager: “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that, it makes my skin crawl. What is wrong with you? I’m sick of putting up with your crap! Get here now, or you won’t have a job anymore! I don’t care how understaffed we are, you are useless to me if you can’t even show up!”

Me: “Oh, my dear manager, I love it when you get all authoritative on me.”

Manager: “YOU! Ugh, that’s it! You are…”

Me: “Yes, Yes, I understand, I won’t let you down again! I’m on the way!”

     I hung the phone up quickly, because she was about to make a huge mistake. She needed me more than she realized. I may have seemed like an average man by this world’s standards, but she didn’t know who I was in my dreams.

     In reality, I’m just a simple 30 year old delivery boy that knocks on your door, and gives the gift of pizza to your children. However, in my dreams, I’m the great Keith Bronson, master of all! That’s the name I dubbed myself after an old friend had been foolish enough to believe my quick lie while messaging him from a new character on an online game. He believed me so easily that it just kind of stuck.

     Well anyways, after drinking myself into submission every night to escape this terrible life of loneliness and depression, my vivid dreams would begin. Strangely enough, I always remembered my dream adventures afterwards. There were times I was some sort of space marine fighting intergalactic crime, or an adventurer seeking treasure. Other times, I was a demon hunter battling the forces of hell, and that other time I was a pirate was loads of fun.

     Well, those are only my dreams, so really, I’m just a loser of a person that enjoys the thought of living in a different world. I do tend to read a lot of novels or watch TV shows about people who die and are reborn in some fantastic world filled with magic or sci-fi, so maybe that’s why. Sometimes I just feel like the grind of this life is too unfair. It’s not like I’m lazy or useless, but it seems that our goal in life is to work until we die to make somebody else’s life more comfortable. 

     Maybe I j haven’t found the right direction to travel in yet, or maybe I was just born into the wrong life. I don’t know, food for thought. 

     Oh, maybe I should get to work now. I bet the deliveries are piling up. Manager is going to be  even more pissed at me if I don’t get there soon. She tries so hard to be a boss, that it’s kinda adorable. If only she wasn’t 10 years younger than me, maybe I would try making a move. Well, that’s the excuse I tell myself, at least.

     I headed out the door of my tiny one bedroom apartment and towards the elevator. Damn it. Of course it’s out of order again. Five flights of stairs later, I finally reached my car. I took a moment to catch my breath and hopped in.

Me: “Okay now baby, please start for me today!”

     After a few anger induced moments, followed by crippling depression and a bit of heavenly pleading, I managed to get my piece of shit car to move. The pizzeria I worked at was around the corner from where I lived, so it would only take a few minutes to arrive. It was a pretty popular spot to eat at, with a ton of delivery business flowing throughout all hours of operation. It certainly wasn’t boring.

     It was a typical day of non-stop action, so the day passed by fairly quickly. As usual, I spent plenty of time dealing with abusive customers that were always screaming complaints in order to get free food from our soft willed manager. Seems like we get at least three of those per day. On top of that, I have been spit on, pushed a few times, and threats to get me fired had been thrown at me. Another normal day for me, I might add. While the store was always busy, we didn’t serve the best area of town, so I saw a lot of no tips. Today has been especially egregious. I Am barely making enough to survive as is! Someone help me, please! 

     Now, here I am, at this huge house, in a staring contest with this asshole. I’m sure you can figure out what’s going to happen here.

Me: “Hey, how are you?”

No response.

Me: “Okay… just sign here for me.”

     He continues to say nothing, and signs the receipt without filling out the tip line. Now for his favorite line.

Asshole: “Sorry, I would give you a tip, but I just don’t have the money today. I’ll make sure to take care of you tomorrow.”

     Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, and I would just walk away. However, considering that this is now the third week in a row he has said this to my face, I can’t let it slide.

Me: “Seriously? That’s the same shit you said the last two weeks. Are you an idiot, or do you just not care about people?”

Asshole: “Hey, you can’t talk to me like that! I’m the customer!”

     Having said too much, I calmly retreat as he yells his insults and threats. Stuff about me being a loser and how he was so much more successful. As I said before, I normally don’t listen to the trash speak, but here lately it was starting to affect me negatively. I know my life is terrible, alright? I don’t need some prick reminding me. Everything I achieve in life is taken from me. I always try to do the right thing and keep a good outlook, but things I can’t control continue to happen. I once had a career that was very promising, but was replaced for a cheaper option. The ones I loved were taken from me. I lost my parents early on in life, and once I had found that special person to make things right again, she was taken too. The list of my failures goes on and on, dragging my emotions through the fire ant infested mud. If I were to put it into words, I felt like I was just floating. Or better yet, falling. Falling into an empty void with no end in sight. 

I’m almost completely numb.

     Well, that’s enough whining. I get back in my car while dodging the object that has been thrown at me by Mr. Prick. I didn’t see what the weapon was, nor did I care anymore. Thankfully, my car didn’t cause me any issues, and I floored it back to the store. The sun was setting now, signifying the end of my shift. It was a Saturday night, and a lot of new episodes of my favorite shows had been released, so I was excited to get home. If I was lucky, there might even be a chapter update of one of my online novels. I’m sure if I ask the manager nicely, she will let me take home a free pizza. There’s also a nice bottle of whiskey waiting for me.

     I enter the store and sling my bags on the rack. I got all of my cash together and went to ask the manager to cash out my orders. The other drivers were standing around the beautiful manager just flirting away. Her and all of her ego were just soaking it in with a victorious smile. She really was kind of a bitch, but the way she could manipulate men into doing her bidding was what made her attractive to me.

Me: “Well now that I have achieved a new record of stiffs today, I shall take my leave.”

The other drivers gave me a mocking sneer and then the manager a nod. She added a nod of her own and approached me with a familiar look in her eyes.

Me: “Oh no. I know that look. I’m not taking any more deliveries tonight. I have a date, you see.”

Manager: “Ha, we both know that’s not true.”

Me: “Seriously, there’s three other drivers standing right there and I only see one run up.”

Manager: “They have cleaning tasks to do, as well as night prep and dishes. You can take one more. It should be a good tip. Besides, you owe me for being late everyday!”

Me: “Lady, I have had a really bad day and I just want to take it easy.”

Manager: “Okay, let me put it to you this way. If you don’t take this delivery, you are fired.”

Me: “Oh you know what? I think I remember this guy and he is a great tipper! I will take this last run because I’m a team player!”

     She gave out an annoying grin and started to say something about how this order was a new customer, that I needed to do a security call back, and something was suspicious. She was probably saying important things, but I wasn’t listening to her anymore. I grabbed the last order and slammed open the door in frustration. 

     No longer concerned about my image, I threw my hat into the back seat of my car, and lit up a cigarette. We aren’t supposed to smoke while delivering, but thanks to my car taking a few minutes to start, I was able to finish my cig before departing. I wouldn’t have stopped smoking either way, but that’s besides the point. I headed out to the last stop of the night so I could finally get home and submerge myself into my fantasy worlds.

     I turned into a dimly lit neighborhood and drove towards the back. I slowly pull up to the pitch black house matching the address of my delivery. I was already angry at this point, so I ignored the warning alarms going off in my head. I quickly park in the driveway and exit my car facing the garage. As I came around the garage, I approached the door and rang the doorbell.

No response. 

     Out of frustration, I begin bangging on the door as hard as I can while yelling, “Come get your damn pizza!” A few moments pass, and I hear the sound of someone approaching quickly from behind me. The realization of my situation suddenly dawned on me, but it’s too late now to react. Pain erupts from my spine and I fall forward, slamming my face into the front door, and sliding down to the ground. I can feel the blood flowing down my face and out of my nose.

     I try pushing myself back up, but the pain is too excruciating for me to move fast enough. Another strike lands on my calf with enough force to shatter my shin, at least that’s how it feels. Three more blows to my rib cage and that was it for me. I have become completely immobilized in pain. 

     I was forcibly dragged backwards and rolled over to face my assailants. I can now look them in their eyes. Both of them are dressed in the most cliche outfits I’ve ever seen, complete with ski masks. One is holding a baseball bat rested up against his shoulder, while the other brandishes a pistol. Really? These clowns are robbing me? And I just let them!

     They seem to be speaking to me and amongst themselves, but I can’t understand what they are saying. I try moving my arms, but no dice. The intense pain was currently consuming my body. Since I had planned on leaving after my last run, I have quite the sum of cash in my pocket, so I guess it’s their lucky day.

     The two men began their search, and now have possession of my wallet, keys, and phone. All finished now, they stand up and turn to leave. My pain has died down some, so let’s try standing up. Damn, this hurts. At this point, I have regained a bit of sense, and with that my uncontrollable rage is emerging.

My dumbass: “H-hey! I’m n-not going down that easy.”

     Talking was way harder than I expected and was accompanied by sharp pain. The man with the gun turns back around to see my wobbly self attempting to walk forward. He says something to me with a chuckle and aims his gun at my chest. A deafening sound rings out, and before I knew it, I was back on the ground. I continue to watch him as he returns to his buddy, and they disappear into the dark night.

     I let out a sigh. It was a good thing that he missed me or I was dead for sure.

     Wait, this isn’t right. It’s starting to become very cold for such a warm summer night. What is that on the ground? Some kind of liquid is pooling on the ground around me… Oh.

     Blood Is gushing out of my chest at a rapid pace and pooling around me. No, NO!! Is this really it? I’m really going to die?

 There’s no longer any sound.

 Just cold silence.

     I lay my head back and look up. Can’t even see stars, hmm. So this is the end of my story, huh? I have lost so much and now I’ve lost my life. My once fulfilling work life. My friends and family. The only girl I would ever need gone to sickness. Those dreams that I love so much.

     Well, at this point, I guess I’m not losing that much. My life was pretty shit, so I don’t think I mind at all. Maybe that bitch of a manager will suffer now, knowing that she sent me to my death. If that happens, then I’m okay with this.

     The cold feeling is now disappearing. There is nothing but numbness left. My eyes are heavy and I won’t be able to keep them open much longer.

So what happens next? Heaven? Hell? Nothing at all?

     Wait, a thought just came to me. What are the chances I reincarnate like in my favorite stories? Hey, if I could start over somewhere in another world far away from a cruel place like this, then I’m all for it! I think I will choose to believe that. Maybe if I believe hard enough, that will happen! It’s worth a shot. Now I’m starting to think those guys just saved me! Thank you kind villains! I’ll make sure to punish people of your kind in my next life!

And with that final declaration, I died.

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