000 Prologue?

The sun beat down on a humid tropical climate. An abandoned industrial complex was the setting as a man raced across worn out catwalks. His heavy breathing was not caused by being out of breath, which was impossible in his current environment, but more an indication of the emotional stress which he was currently suffering. His thoughts drifted back to moments ago.

     There he stood, after arriving at this place only minutes before, covered in the blood of the light blue haired woman cradled in his arms. She looked up at him and mustered enough strength to speak her last words.

Dying woman: “A sniper… P-please, be care…”

      Her arm lifted as she spoke, trying to point out her assailant, but was unable to finish her words as the light disappeared from her dark red eyes. The man held her tighter and lifted his head to release out a cry of anguish. Seconds later, her body slowly turned into partials of light, and vanished into the air. Anger began to grow deep inside the man, as he swore to himself quietly. Vengeance would be his, even if the price was to be paid with his own life.

     He glanced at the digital radar within his vision as he sprinted down the creaking catwalks, hoping to find the one responsible for this travesty. After a short trip, two pings alerted him to the location of the possible guilty parties. He jumped down to ground level and crept around a large smokestack to find two men presenting their backs. He held his arms up, and an assault style rifle materialized in his hands. In quick succession, both men fell to the ground from bullet wounds to the brain. The desperate man searched the lifeless bodies but found no signs of either dead man being the antagonist he was looking for. Another pained grunt was heard, and the search continued.

      Two more pings on his radar next led him towards a large warehouse like structure. The moment he entered, gunshots erupted from the left side. He fired back as he slid behind a huge coil of thick wire. Wasting no time, he pulled the pin on a smoke grenade and tossed it in the direction of the opposition. Following the release of the smoke, a fragmentation grenade was tossed to the last location of the duel gunfire. He moved through the smoke and caught the two woman team off guard as they tried to escape the grenades explosion. He mistook a rifle strapped to one’s back as a sniper, and proceeded to unload his entire magazine into both enemies. Between the debris from the grenade, and the hail of bullets, the second team did not stand a chance. His rifle’s self reload action initiated and he prepared to fire again, but victory was already his. 

     Realizing his goal was still left unaccomplished, the pot that was his emotions began to reach boiling point. He could hear the sweet voice of the blue hair woman in his head so clearly that he almost turned around. “Just two more to go, Ico.” Thankfully, his quest was at an end. 

     The last remaining team of two had been attracted by the sound of gunfire, and scopes were now trained on the one man army. He quickly dodged to his left for cover behind shelving, but was unable to come out unscathed from the accurate gunfire. He took a massive amount of damage, and now only 15% of his health status bar remained. His only remaining chance was to force a melee fight. The rifle in his arms disappeared, and was replaced by a pistol in his left hand, and a combat knife in his right. He activated his new mod, and disappeared into the darkness of the warehouse. With this invisibility, he would easily sneak up on the unsuspecting fools and finally exact his revenge.

     Having already taken the first move in the battle, the final two opponents decided to push their advantage by splitting up in an attempt to flank his position from two directions. It was the most logical plan, considering it was two versus one. Unfortunately for them, their target liked to play dirty. He waited for both men to join back up at his last position, and attacked during their confusion. The first victim’s throat was viciously sliced as blood sprayed the area. That attack canceled out his stealth and he immediately fired his pistol towards the last remaining enemy. The opposition dodged the shots, and with little room to maneuver, attempted to body tackle our hero. They collided, and ended up on the ground. The two furiously rolled about the ground struggling for dominance before reaching a final conclusion, that conclusion being the last remaining enemy taste testing a delicious knife, straight through his esophagus.

     With the last team’s defeat, a loud sound erupted throughout the world. The words “victory” could be seen in his vision, along with match results and statistics. 

Woman’s voice in his head: “Great job avenging me, Ico! I’m so proud of you!”

     The man dropped to his knees, and with his face raised up and arms spread out, one last cry was heard before he disappeared into light.

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