Purpose of this Blog

LitFics is a blog run by two aspiring authors. We will be posting chapters from our books as well as other projects we’ve worked on. We will occasionally have regular slice-of-life posts talking about ourselves or things of interest. We hope you enjoy all of the content we present here and we look forward to […]

Chapter 7

Bella had been quite the taskmaster as she ordered them to take on all kinds of menial labor, from laundry to reconstructing and fortifying a section of the tiny base all within their first week. Although it was hard, Xand had encouraged her team and they endured the work they were subjected to, while Bella […]

Chapter 6

Drifting in and out of consciousness, eyes finally opened to a room bathed in a bright, golden glow. The sudden intensity of light hit his eyes sharply, causing him to wince and squint as if he were staring directly at the sun. “Finally awake!” a disembodied voice exclaimed. “Oh my, what bright eyes you have! […]

Chapter 5

As she approached the gate to the garage, she heard the loud buzzing of a saw and what sounded like an electric screwdriver. She opened the gate and found numerous military units surrounding the area. There were many vehicles but only one seemed ready for departure—a large ATV like automobile. Once inside it, Ryna and […]

Chapter 4

Held for hours in tiny, dark cell, Xand paced back and forth like a captive animal. Unable to see or communicate with her teammates, the anxiety of her situation mounted, and she had what they were doing with Grey. He had been hauled off in one of the vans with an army medic haphazardly attending […]

000 Prologue?

The sun beat down on a humid tropical climate. An abandoned industrial complex was the setting as a man raced across worn out catwalks. His heavy breathing was not caused by being out of breath, which was impossible in his current environment, but more an indication of the emotional stress which he was currently suffering. […]

Chapter 3

Even though the threat they faced was gone, the members of Alpha team were unable to rest. One of their members, Grey, had been seriously injured in the battle. His left arm and both legs had been shot off by one of the tanks’ guns. The only reason he was still alive was mostly due […]

Chapter 2

He struggled to catch his breath, running for his life on feeble legs as the menacing tank charged forward. The rumbling ground made it hard for him to remain steady and he knew it would be over in an instant if he fell. With no memories of anything prior to an abrupt awakening into a […]

Chapter 1

He lay forgotten in a deep, and seemingly never ending, sleep. Thick moss and tree roots encased his body. The stillness of the cemetery allowed him a quiet rest until a loud noise suddenly disrupted the once placid atmosphere. The abrupt sound sent shockwaves through the ancient crypt where the man lay, causing deep cracks to […]

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